Jim Eyre
York Way

‘Headphones on. Eyes down. The daily commute routine. The same journey, same people, same smells, same sights day in day out. It’s not my favorite thing in the world but needs must. Right?
My commute ends at Kings Cross station, London, leaving just a short stroll down York Way, a one-way street which leads the sanctuary of my work place door.
Along this unassuming street, there awaits something of such joy it makes my commute not just bearable, but something I look forward to.
Tucked between London’s iconic red buses, is a less celebrated mode of transportion not native to London. The humble coach.
Everday, these beautifully crafted machines park themselves along York Way patiently waiting to collect and deposit their passengers.
Everyone of these coaches proudly and confidently displays their team colours for all to see.
Sadly, the vast majority of us choose to ignore these public exhibitions in favour of punching in on time. This is a real shame because when these bold and unique patterns work in unison with the vehicle structure, they create a fascinating visual spectacle, which has become a piece of daily inspiration for me.
Because I am moved to photograph them daily, I wanted to share these public displays of colour and pattern with you in the hope they inspire you like they do me’
Jim Eyre, Coach Lover

Jim Eyre