Matt Barlow
Mexico Trip


Below is Matt’s own account of his amazing experience in Mexico.

Matt Barlow

We spent a Sunday at the market in Tlacolula, in the region of Oaxaca, working with our guides Diego and Esteban with Regiduria de Turismo, capturing images of people and (mostly) foods that are specific to the region.


These few images are a small taster of the colour and vibrancy, generosity of the local people and unusual cuisine.

Actually, ground worms with chilli sprinkled over nuts go quite well with an iced cerveza!

Of course, after a hot day in the market, you need to drive over the mountains, where water seeps out on the top and creates pools of mineralised water and you you can swim in a natural infinity pool.


And finally, the wrestlers…

So, what happens if every bus driver in Oxaca parks his/her bus across a road junction in rush hour? Well, nothing happens, really, everything just grinds to a halt and the kids ride their bikes up the freeway.

The photographers, in the other hand, need to leg it across town with as much gear as they can carry…obviously to the wrong gym: the wrestlers have gone to the stadium.

And then it rains (this is Oaxaca, it never rains), but we flag a taxi and head out of town; the taxi drives straight past the stadium and does an interesting U turn but leaves us with a dash across six lanes of traffic…all fairly normal in Mexico.

This is serious business…