Jim Eyre

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Jim Eyre originally trained as an architect, which resulted in his appreciation of lines, structure, shadows and space; elements all evident throughout his portfolio.

Working in and around the creative industries for a decade has given him insight into every facet of a photographer and director’s work.

His arrival onto our roster was a whirlwind of image transfers, tweets, texts, emails, excited phone calls and anticipation.

And the energy levels are still the same, two portfolios down the line.

His enigmatic approach to work and his ability to find beauty out of the most mundane objects has secured him work in many different fields.


Jim’s commissioned work spans across many different sectors of the industry (fashion, music, magazines, commerce, cars); the most recent ones include Capital One, FSA, Mini, Samsung, The Debrief and The Fly.

When asked:

What do you think about photography?”

Jim replied:

“I think it’s the only way of proving to myself that what I see, is what I’m actually seeing.”