Josh Exell

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Josh Exell is a self-shooting director and photographer, working everywhere from outer space (YES Really!) to outer Mongolia – and anywhere in between. A master of both stills and moving image, he is highly professional and experienced, working effortlessly and coherently between both media.

Growing up in the west country, however, now a self-confessed Londoner, he is just as comfortable living off-grid amongst herds of yaks as he is shooting with celebrities and big crews in the studio.

Josh has a passion for adventure and nature, and uses this to bring a sense of energy and excitement to his work, capturing unique and new perspectives of different cultures and ways of life, whilst always remaining sensitive to his subject matter.

With his gentle attitude and hands-on, easy-going approach, Josh has a unique storytelling ability; he seamlessly bridges the gap between stills and moving image, in the process creating crisp, beautifully sensitive and hard-hitting epic imagery.

In both his professional and personal projects, he continuously explores the relationship between people and their environment, and the impact culture has on landscapes and nature.

Josh works internationally with a wide range of clients, including Google, Skoda,Three, Lancome, and Exodus, producing everything from print campaigns, short films,TV commercials, digital content and everything in between. In addition to this extensive client list, Josh’s work has been featured in Creative Review,Vogue and National Geographic.