Mark K Seager

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Mark K Seager lives in Glasgow with his wife, kids and a couple of dogs (who often feature in his work), and works all over the world.

Mark’s images tend to have quite darkly humorous or contemplative undertones to them – his gentle approach to his work and his soft nature allow for non-intrusive, beautifully intimate portraits.

By Mark’s own admission, learning photography in Scotland means one must be able to do just about anything: as a result, he is an incredibly skilled photographer, now working between Scotland and London.

He has the most diverse range of returning clients, from single malt whiskey direct clients to huge multi-national advertising agencies!

Some of his most recent jobs have been for RBS, Cancer Research, Coca Cola, BBC3, Banton, JobsInScotland and Nurofen… to name just a few.

Mark has worked as a professional photographer since 2000, working in every facet of the industry. As a result, he refined his craft and developed an irresistible passion and drive for image making and art directing, which have lead to a very distinctive style!

Also…he has a cracking Scottish accent, a personal collection of hundreds of trainers and loves adorning a cap on set!