Josh Exell

We are very proud to present the multi-talented JOSH EXELL!

Josh is a self-shooting director and photographer, working everywhere from outer space (YES Really!) to outer Mongolia – and anywhere in between.

With a gentle attitude and hands-on, easy-going approach, Josh has a unique storytelling ability; he seamlessly bridges the gap between stills and moving image, in the process creating crisp, beautifully sensitive and hard-hitting epic imagery.

Growing up in the west country, however, now a self-confessed Londoner, he is just as comfortable living off-grid amongst herds of yaks as he is shooting with celebrities and big crews in the studio.

Josh works internationally with a wide range of clients, including Google, Skoda,Three, Lancome, and Exodus, in addition, Josh’s work has also been featured in Creative Review,Vogue and National Geographic.

Josh Exell