Hannah Maule-ffinch can’t ever stand still and, if she’s not working on a big advertising campaign, she’s most likely travelling the world to capture images for various causes.

This time, several commissions have taken her to Uganda, Mozambique, Rwanda and Lebanon. Below is a short breakdown of the different projects and then a selection of images.

Uganda – UNHCR
Hannah accompanied Christine from Christine and the Queens on her first trip as ambassador forUNHCR: we visited young musicians on a refugee camp and we also witnessed an influx of refugees to a centre; a very shocking experience with hundreds of people carrying their belongings in their hands to arrive at a concrete building where they have to live until they can find a place on a refugee camp.

Uganda – Save The Children
A really eye opening but one of Hannah’s most special commissions: she spent two weeks all over Ugandaphotographing the wo rk and theĀ  beneficiaries benefitting from the work of Save the Children. She spent time on the Congoleseborder and it was mind blowing to see people, families and unaccompanied children who had walked for days to reach safety in Uganda.

Mozambique – Save The Children
Hannah travelled deep into Mozambique, a truly stunningly beautiful country, and went close to the border with Mali. She visited and photographed people who lived incredibly remotely and benefited for the work that Save The Children do.

Rwanda – UNHCR
Hannah accompanied a fabulous team to remote Rwanda to long term refugees camps. They went high up in to themountains to see how refugees live their lives there.

Lebanon – UNHCR
A trip to cover the work of UNHCR in Lebanon, visiting families who live in unofficial camps, where the conditions are so tough for many people how are unable to live on official camps. Thy live in broken down dangerous buildings or some on make shift tents onfields with no water and sanitation. A shocking look into the way other people live their lives.


Hannah Maule-ffinch
Save The Children & UNHCR