David Vintiner: The last Sherpas of Europe

In the High Tatra mountains of northern Slovakia, Europe’s last sherpas climb rugged and dangerous paths hauling goods and supplies to mountain huts at altitudes of up to 2,250m. Although the mountain porters are called sherpas locally, the name derives from the ethnic group of Sherpas of Tibetan origin. Carrying loads of around 100kg the sherpas work in all weather, from hot summers to cold and stormy winters when temperatures can descend to -20C and the mountains are frozen with snow and ice.

Each summer these men & women compete in a gruelling race up the mountain in remembrance of their friend & colleague Juraj Petransky who died in an avalanche whilst working as a porter in the high Tatra’s.

Commissioned by Ink.


David Vintiner
The Last Sherpas of Europe