We are extremely excited to share with you news of David’s first photo book ‘I Want To Believe’ in collaboration with Gem Fletcher.

Please click on the link below for more in-depth information and to support this deeply fascinating, eye-opening project documenting the front line of human evolution.

Link: photo book Kicstarter campaign

“We’ve spent the last five years documenting Transhumanism in Europe, Russia and the United States based on a curiosity about the implications for the future of humanity. Transhumanists are individuals harnessing the power of tech to transcend our human biology. From designing new senses to immortality these individuals are imagining the impossible and making it a reality.

While this all sounds like something out of the pages of sci-fi novels, this movement is disrupting industries from healthcare to robotics in meaningful ways. With a haunting introduction by Yuval Noah Harari, author of Sapiens, this book will document a critical moment in time as we enter the next chapter of human evolution.

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You can pre-order the book, prints or even have dinner with a cyborg.

Photography publishing is a tough and expensive business. It’s becoming increasingly common for photographers to have to raise substantial funds in order to cover printing, design and distribution costs. Your support will not only let us take this project to print but help us reach an audience wider and farther than ever before.

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We can’t wait to bring this project to life, and we sincerely hope you’ll be part of it with us.”


David Vintiner
I Want to Believe