When Zebedee Management – a unique model agency solely representing people with disabilities, alternative appearances and trans/non binary – sent a call out to photographers to collaborate on Project Isolation, we at Germaine Walker’s jumped at the chance to be part of this intriguing project.

Created through virtually bringing together photographers and models, through FaceTime, Zoom or whatever technical means available, these unique and intimate portraits represents a new and evolving way of approaching portrait photography, but also highlights important issues of isolation and the fact that for many people living with disability, the daily experience of exclusion and isolation that we are all experiencing at the moment, is the norm.

At Germaine Walker’s, we strongly believe diversity and inclusion needs to be a top priority and consideration when producing shoots, ads and campaigns, and over the last few years Zebedee have made this easier for us and have become our go-to agency of choice when casting for any production, big or small.

Germaine Walker x Zebedee Management