Susanne Dittrich
Cape Town Township


On one of her many trips to Cape Town, Susanne Dittrich spent some time visiting one of the city’s townships, something she’d been putting off for a while.
As amazing and full of joy as most of the people are, it can still be hard seeing in what conditions they are still forced to live in.
During the whole visit Susanne was followed around by singing children, was invited in some amazing houses, met local artists, tasted the locally made beer and joined in with the celebrations for Mandela’s life (it was the day of his funeral) in the main square.
Unfortunately, she also witnessed families living in only a handful of square meters, houses and ‘streets’ that shouldn’t really still exist in a civilised country and a lot of people who were drunk and on drugs.
It was quite shocking to see the division between the ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ part of the township and to find out from her guide (a man born and raised there, loved and respected by the whole community) about the uprisings that had happened a few years back to take down the barriers within the township itself. It was a truly enriching experience that Susanne captured in the best way possible, managing to show the different sides of this reality.