David Wren

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Moving from Mauritius to England at 2 years old, travel has been a big part of David’s life from the get-go. Whilst his friends were studying in England, he moved to Canada for two years in search of colder climates. Skiing and taking pictures every day made for an incredible experience that satisfied his adventurous and creative ideas and set the foundations for his career in photography.

Hiking mountains, sleeping under the stars, road trips, skiing incredible terrain, hanging out the back of fast cars or motor bikes, swimming in the ocean with camera in hand, wild camping on a cliff top, wading through waist deep snow in the middle of the night for a single photo and encountering a grizzly bear on a rock climbing trip are just a hand full of memorable moments from the past couple of years and shows the level of dedication he has and how far he’ll go for a shot.


David’s subjects range from breathtaking landscapes and intimate moments to beautiful and interesting people from all ages and backgrounds.
Not to mention his adrenaline filled sports and action images!

“I feel extremely fortunate to have seen so much, but there’s an awful lot left to see.”

Not one to sit still, when David puts his camera down, you’ll find him racing around the picturesque Surrey Hills on his road bike, rock climbing with friends or playing the drums.