Hannah Maule-ffinch

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Hannah Maule-ffinch has an unrelenting passion for adventure; her photographic work takes her all over the world, yet she approaches each job with the same gusto, whether it is for Save The Children in Ebola stricken Liberia or a celebrity portrait in swanky studios in Central London.

Hannah’s images are honest and natural and she has an effervescent ability to capture raw emotion in a gentle, non-obtrusive manner: whether she is photographing a 20-something-model in Richmond or a grief stricken refugee in Iraq, Hannah always approaches her subjects with delicacy and affection, resulting in very real, characterful and beautiful images.

‘I really enjoy humour, fun and adventure and am lucky to have huge amounts of energy and passion for my work and for the people I work with. I work well within very sensitive situations and also in difficult conditions.’

Due to this ambidextrous nature of her photography, Hannah has worked for a variety of clients, from magazines, design companies, PR agencies, advertising agencies, charities and direct clients.

Some of her most recent clients include Redwood, The Big Issue, Southwark Council, Save The Children, Boots, NCTL, Aptimal, P&G and Wingman.

Hannah has recently been named as an ambassador for Black Magic Camera’s and she continues to dedicate her time and expertise to a variety of charity events and fundraisers for causes both at home and abroad!

P.S. did we mention she’s also a total babe?!