Tony Chau

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Tony Chau lives in East London but was born in Hong Kong.

He has seen many different regions of the world in his various tours of every continent and his vibrant work documents these travels, showing a multitude of cultures, religions and communities… from remote Mongolian tribes on motorbikes to the punk sub-cultures around New York’s underground.

Starting out in fashion photography, Tony now shoots for all major publishers and advertising companies in London and Europe.


Some of his most recent clients include: Vodafone, Orange, HSBC, P&G, Sony, Swatch and Dove.

As well as being a talented photographer, Tony is also a keen inventor and has recently commissioned the production of cutting edge new photographic equipment he has designed: Bouncelite.

When he is not shooting or inventing or spending time with his family, Tony can be found in the parks of East London with Iggy, his 30kilo gorgeous husky.