About us

We are a forward-thinking, female-led powerhouse in talent representation and production, with a roster of award-winning, exceptional photographers & directors, handpicked for their unique creative vision, drive and talent.

Established over 30 years ago, we’ve become a respected industry cornerstone, discovering, supporting and representing world-class talent, working and partnering with agencies, brands and charities across the world to create impactful, relevant and standout content.

Adapting is our forte – we tailor our approach to fit seamlessly with our client’s needs, always staying ahead of the curve and culturally attuned to the fast-paced shifts in the industry.

People, culture and creativity

People, culture & creativity is at the centre of what we do.

Alongside our established roster, we are also committed to unlocking doors and facilitating connections between diverse, emerging photographers and forward-thinking commissioners and brands. We discover, empower and showcase new, under-represented voices in photography via our innovative ‘Emerging’ initiative, which aims to address and disrupt the consistent lack of balanced representation and diversity in the commercial photography world.

Head to our Emerging page to find out more.

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